Do you really need a lawyer?

Posted by John Harris on Tue, Oct 05, 2010 @ 11:15 AM


If you received only minor injuries, you might not need a lawyer. If your car or truck was damaged, but you were not hurt, you might not need a lawyer. It's been said, "The person who defends himself in court has a fool for a client." You don't pull your own teeth. You go to a dentist. But, be smart about it. When the person who caused your accident, or his insurance company, talks down to you or tries to hurry you into a premature settlement, that's a "red flag" that things aren't going well. The very minute you feel you are being taken advantage of, or are being ripped off, call a lawyer.

The question is: DO YOU REALLY NEED A LAWYER? Not in every instance--but, when you do need a lawyer, make sure you don't get just any lawyer. If you look in the yellow pages you will see lots of lawyers who say they handle personal injuries. They also handle family law, criminal matters, divorces, bankruptcy--the list goes on and on--in addition to personal injuries. How much time do you think they've had to gain expertise in handling complex injury cases? Not much. The law is so complex that it's impossible to become expert in all aspects of it.

Consider this:

1) Large multi-million dollar insurance corporations use lawyers--scores of them--to protect their interests.

2) When you're offered an unfair, sub-standard amount of money for your damages, injuries, pain and suffering--and you protest-- and the response is, "Take it or leave it!" what do you do then? A personal injury lawyer knows exactly what to do. He sues--and lets a jury of your peers decide what is fair and unfair.

You've seen ads on TV for lawyers with many branch offices who advertise like used-car salesmen. It's hard to separate all the promises, claims and assurances that are glibly bandied about on TV. Some TV lawyers are high volume "legal factories" that sign you up, turn your case over to a paralegal assistant, and then urge you to accept a premature settlement. Some of these lawyers never go to court, are not prepared to do so, and are scared to death they may have to! Some clients who mistakenly had previously gone to one of these "branch" offices report they NEVER saw an attorney.

Get a lawyer that handles ONLY personal injury matters.

As an attorney who is engaged solely in personal injury law he has developed extensive knowledge of medical matters as well as legal matters. He offers highly personalized and individual services to all his clients. John P. Harris, III was born and grew up in the Fredericksburg area. He is known to most of his clients as John or Jack. He meets and consults with each client personally and follows each case through every stage until total recovery. He concentrates on the quality of each case, rather than on a high volume of cases. He makes sure he maximizes each and every one of his clients' settlement. He has skill and experience in negotiating with insurance adjusters. Sub-standard offers will be passed on to you, but you are never urged to settle for any amount less than what your case is worth. You make the final decision whether to accept, reject, or litigate a settlement.

If John litigates your claim against the defendant, you have the added advantage of having hired a lawyer who is certified as a civil trial advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

You can call the office of John Harris, at any time. John welcomes your calls. He does not rely solely on TV or radio to rope in new clients. Most of them are referrals from past satisfied clients. He does not have to turn your case over quickly in order to pay for a large advertising budget. His fee is in line with industry standards.

The bottom line is: John P. Harris, III can probably get you a better settlement, even after his contingency fee, than you can get yourself. In most cases, he will advance the costs necessary to pursue your claim so there are no up-front or out-of-pocket expenses by you. He will discuss your case with you, and you can decide for yourself--the initial consultation is free.


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