How often are these hours of service rules violated?

Posted by John Harris on Sun, Dec 05, 2010 @ 11:15 AM

Q: How often are these hours of service rules violated?

A: Studies suggest that these work rules are commonly violated. A 1990 study by the Insurance Institute for Automotive Safety estimated that, on a 1,200-mile route from Washington State to Minnesota, more than half of the tractor-trailer drivers violated hours-of-service regulations. When the Institute surveyed long-haul tractor-trailer drivers in four states in 1991, almost three-fourths of the respondents indicated they violated hours-of-service regulations. About one-third of them said they routinely drove more than 60-70 hours. More than 25 percent reported working 100 hours or more per week, and 19 percent admitted to falling asleep at the wheel one or more times during the preceding month. More recent studies by other researchers confirm that hours-of-service violations by interstate truckers continue to be common. The long hours driven by many truckers can lead to the use and abuse of stimulants.

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