What is tort reform...really?

Posted by John Harris on Thu, Nov 25, 2010 @ 12:00 PM

Q: What is tort reform...really?

A: When you hear the words"tort reform," replace the-- every time-- with the following: "My family and I will lose our legal right to sue wrongdoers in court for arm that we experience."

It's true. Tort, or legal, "reform" is not "reform" at all. It's an excuse that lawmakers use to try to prevent American families from being able to hold corporate wrongdoers, including the manufacturing, asbestos, pharmaceutical, tobacco, and insurance industries, among others. These so-called "reforms", if enacted into law will adversely affect medical malpractice victims, injured wkrkers under Workers' Compensation, vehicle accident sufferers, people harmed by defective products, and many others who are injured by other wrongdoers. Tort "reform" will simply make it harder for the victims the system is supposed to protect to obtain justice.

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