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Dangerous tires - Have your tires passed their expiration date?

Posted by John Harris on Mon, Nov 17, 2008 @ 09:20 AM

A friend of mine told me about an ABC report on dangerous tires.  The tire manufacturers are very unfriendly to consumers.  We as consumers do not know that tires have an expiration date.  Once the expiration date passes the tires become dangerous and are subject to tread separation even if they are new and have lots of tread.  Evidence of tread separation can be seen along the highway, especially I-95, in the form of tire treads that have come off.  At road speed cars and trucks become unstable when a tire suddenly blows up.  Many accidents are caused by such an event.  Losing control at road speed leads to many severe injuries and fatal wrecks.  As an attorney, I felt an obligation to pass this information along.

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